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Kathak Classes

Gain a complete body, mind and spirit experience with Kathak Classes at Divine Rhythem!


Enjoy Kathak in Rishikesh with our Divine Rhythem Kathak Classes. We offer you a chance to experiencing before registering! Yes! The first class of Kathak is free for you, after this, you can register for more classes as per your interest. The last day, we let you practice and enjoy the beauty of Kathak with proper costumes and videography & photography, however, it also depends on your interest!

Before going on further; we are here to tell you about the Kathak and importance of it. You might be well aware with the Divinity of Kathak! but we are telling you all in expanded form. Let's start from Kathak itself.

Kathak is a traditional dance form from north India that involves self-expression, Rhythm, speed, power, energy, beauty, grace and delicacy. It can be learned by anyone, there is no perfect age to start learning Kathak. It's really beautiful to express your emotions, your feelings with body movements! Kathak allows you to do so. While experiencing the beauty of Kathak and enjoying the dance, you can express your hearty emotions & feelings. More than this, the dance form of Kathak positively benefits your health by improving your stamina, concentration and capabilities. This is certainly a good practice to gain an immense joy and mental stability.

So encourage yourself and others to learn and practice this dance form. It will really help you to make your life more beautiful.

In Kathak, the dancer is empowered when she performs with accuracy the footwork that needs 100% concentration when tabla is synchronized with ghungroo (all at the same time) that would be the magical performance 'fastest feet in rhythm', you are in complete harmony with self. In fact, even a person with a disability can also learn Kathak, as it can be treated with Kathak. Kathak is a treatment for physical and mental illness.

Kathak a way to connect you with the supreme power ''By dancing on real soul music you can find inner peace within you, apart from this, the spiritual vibrations  will makes your spirits calm and quiet."

Kathak also benefits by correcting Prana in our body. We have five different types of Prana in our body and different prana dominates at different times if Imbalance. Let's move to see how can Prana be corrected with Kathak?

Many times, it happens that we want to burst on laugh at something, cry on some matter or something, or want to get angry at someone but due to the situation we can not release our pent-up emotions and that remain inside us, which gradually leads us into depression and makes prana very low, but enjoying and practicing Kathak is one of the easiest way to balance and control Prana . If you are practicing kathak on the regular basis, you will have an extraordinary power of concentration, strong will and a perfectly healthy and beautiful body. When you practice Kathak, your full concentration automatically get into synchronizing tabla with ghungroo and that moment your thoughts become zero and soon after Kathak becomes the state of meditation and all your pent-up feelings come out through Kathak and you feel enlightened, full of joy, your body, mind, and heart become very light.

Recharge yourself with Prana in no time by practicing Kathak and have an extraordinary power of concentration, strong will and a perfectly healthy and beautiful body. By practicing Kathak regularly, you can attain the extraordinary strength of concentration, strong will and completely healthy and beautiful body.