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About Divine Rhythem


Divine Rhythem - A Rhythem to Awakens the Prana!

Divine Rhythem brings out the ancient form of dance from North India! Yes! We offer Kathak in Rishikesh with simply amazing techniques!



What is Kathak?

Kathak is a dance form that involves spins and rigorous footwork and the expressions. Kathak is a complete body, mind and spirit experience, and a divine capacity to feel gratitude, Practising Kathak is completely the key to inner freedom.

We are connected to Divine if we dance on Sanskrit Shlokas that has an immense capacity to heal, the sound and vibration of Sanskrit Mantras help us to energise and find peace within ourselves.



Kathak brings out your body in shape and makes it truly flexible; it is certainly the best exercise. Let us talk about the main element of Kathak:


  • Mudras - Mudras is the best way to express your emotions, feelings or to convey your message through facial expressions and hand style.
  • Spins - Spins in Kathak are the best thing to witness! The spins style in Kathak uses a special technique of posture that in return benefits in creating a speed and precision.
  • Footwork - Footwork or Tatkar sequence in Kathak beat out rhythms or spoken bols like ta, thei and tat! It also benefits in speed and precision.



It would be truly wonderful to match your gestures or spins with the rhythm of Tabla, harmonium and so on. It further helps in increasing concentration and let you focus on a single thing while forgetting about every pain or worry you are going through.



The founder of the Divine Rhythem; Diya says, "My aim of teaching Kathak is to transform human beings, to bring them to a new way of being, and give a bundle of happiness. After completing your dancing, look inside yourself; you’ll notice a lot of reactions taking place and you will feel relax and light. This is the key to inner freedom. Kathak makes you self-confidence."

Come & Join our Kathak Class in Rishikesh to feel a positive change inside you!